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May News and update

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Well, man its been a month already, what a short April. Well its been quite busy here, CSPromod is starting to roll again and the Orange box port is coming steady, as well as animations. Be sure to check soon for some news.

On an old engine front, ESEA has been pressuring me to fix de_lite for CS1.6 for a while. There was a major HLTV bug and that has now been resolved. ESEA also put a panel together to better decide on what changes should be done to de_lite. So I’ve gone through and have made the necessary adjustments. It is being tested and will be released soon after that. I know changing the map twice like this is annoying to some, but this revision is about the best of both prior version, and should be much more balanced.

Now back to the source engine, and the port of de_lite to CS:S and CSPromod. I’ve got some fresh screens as well as some info of esea backing the port as well.
Here’s some pics;

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Lite Progress cont.

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Back to lite and some progress on the front. Here’s some screen shots of that and how its coming together on a engine that allows for much more creativity and imagination gldsrc lacks.

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small lite update +

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Some csp_lite updates…
Small update for those who are following. As you may or may not notice this building has a custom texture, it’s not done but that will be the general feel of the building. Behind it I am thinking of a rail yard with some boxcars and whatnot. It generally goes well with the theme.

CSP update…
Working with Mazzer on getting more animations done, more of a fill until they can be tweaked later. Ben is steady with the OB port and should be giving us a build to test animations with very soon. We want to use the OB animation code so we can get on our way faster, instead of back peddling later 🙂

And here’s some pics of the building noted above…

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