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Lite lighting ;D

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Well I decided to test out some new lighting values and preview some HDR as well. It definitely breathes more life on the environment. I’m also in the process of giving it a nice colour correction as well, nothing dramatic but subtle.

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small lite update +

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Some csp_lite updates…
Small update for those who are following. As you may or may not notice this building has a custom texture, it’s not done but that will be the general feel of the building. Behind it I am thinking of a rail yard with some boxcars and whatnot. It generally goes well with the theme.

CSP update…
Working with Mazzer on getting more animations done, more of a fill until they can be tweaked later. Ben is steady with the OB port and should be giving us a build to test animations with very soon. We want to use the OB animation code so we can get on our way faster, instead of back peddling later 🙂

And here’s some pics of the building noted above…

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