Arbalet Map Contest Progress

In case you haven’t heard, the Arbalet Cup organization is hosting a mapping contest for their upcoming e-sports tournaments. With this, they announce a $5000 purse. $3k for 1st place, and $2k for 2nd. What they wanted to see as far as theme was vague but leaning towards de_inferno. (cpl_strike, cpl_fire as well)

So I decided to throw my hat into the ring for a chance at this. Since coming off de_lite, my old hammer days I thought were numbered but with the resurgence in 1.6 becoming strong I thought I should stick around for at least this map. And from this I’ve had a lot more questions regarding a 1.6 port of de_season. Which I will say is in production, and will come after the Arbalet Mapping Contest. Now I’ll cut to the chase and show some WIP pictures. The drawn layout has changed slightly*

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